He knocked on the door of the warehouse. A few cars were parked in front. But it didn’t look like anyone was there. He wondered what the place might be when there wasn’t a show. Maybe nothing.

Adam knocked harder and waited a few minutes, kicking some rocks around.

He found a skateboard and rode around the block. Doing a kick flip over a beer can, he fell, scraping his arm. I’m too old for this, he said, out loud, to himself. His phone vibrated. He sat down on the sidewalk.

Michelle asked, Are you mad

I dunno, he replied. He stared into the sun. He closed his eyes. He saw red.

Adam walked back to the warehouse. He rested the skateboard against the wall and walked home, thinking about nothing. A bus went by. The bus had an advertisement for Madmen on the side.

He texted Michelle, Actually, yes, I am mad. I’m a madman

Michelle replied, Do you remember when people said lol

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